Elm-test 0.19.1-revision5 released!

elm-test 0.19.1-revision5 was just released! Smaller, faster, stronger :notes:

Smaller: 18 MB โ†’ 2 MB
Faster: Tests run about half a second faster
Stronger: Watch mode is much more reliable

The only breaking change was dropping Node.js 8. Upgrade today!


One notable thing, at least for those who cared about this like me, is that this fixes a nasty bug that made it impossible to run elm-test in the elm-review configuration projects without editing the dependencies in elm.json (specifically, removing elm-explorations/test from the indirect dependencies because it was already present in the direct test dependencies).

So if you had custom rules in your configuration and you (did the proper thing and) wrote tests for them, you can finally use elm-test without hassle!

Thanks a lot @lydell and @harrysarson for this and the other improvements!


Noticeably faster - thanks a lot


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