Elm-ui old example

I tried to run this old example of elm-ui by alexkorban
There is a problem in output of the chat sample - only one row of the output is visible, in fact only a fraction of the line upper part. Same issue with the new mdgriffith/elm-ui 1.1.8 as the old version 1.1.0, also if run in Ellie.
Same with all my browsers: Chrome, Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Safari

Could somebody explain what is changed?

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Hi @polarit not sure what is going wrong. But I’m trying out the examples provided in this link for elm-ui patterns most of them working for me. Both of them looks the same I’m not sure who took the example from whom. Have a look at this elm-ui-patterns

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You’ve just need to add a height fill at line 113 and that’s because with the new elm-ui version the height should be explicit.

Please found here the full code patched → GitHub - csaltos/elm-ui-introduction-update: Code update for https://korban.net/posts/elm/2019-11-17-elm-ui-introduction/ with new libraries
(there is a branch named original with the old sample code which you can make a diff to tell the differences)

Thank you for using elm-ui … at Talenteca.com we are using Elm and elm-ui since 2020 and it’s really great and powerful.


Thank you for your reply, that module ChatLayout works perfectly Ok also in my local system.
The page elm-ui-patterns seems to contain all what I have been missing for using elm-ui.

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Yes, it need just so as you said height fill at line 113 on the page in Ellie, then it looks perfect.

messagePanel =
            column [ height fill, padding 10, spacingXY 0 20, scrollbarY ] <|
                List.map messageEntry messages ```
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Hi @csaltos and @SANTMAN
I have now learned a little bit of elm-ui and made something simple vith UI and browser.sandbox together.
It can be seen in Ellie.
I used elm-ui patterns code Text-input as base of my code. It is quite usefull for somebody trying to learn like me, how to use elm-ui with TEA (elm architecture). It was really fun to do something new and simple without any html/CSS.


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