Elm version/build numbers

I have 0.19.1 installed, and the compiler complains if elm.json specifies 0.19.0.

I would have expected the 0.19.1 compiler to be ok with a 0.19.0 application because it’s only a difference in the build number which should mean no breaking changes, shouldn’t it? Or have I got that all wrong?

It came about after I resurrected an old project, and obviously simply changed the build number in elm.json, but was just wondering why the compiler was complaining.


There are breaking changes between those versions, as far as I know the notion of version numbers as you know them does not apply to the compiler :confused:

So if you need to run an old version, it’s probably best to install that into your folder via npm.

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OK thanks, it’s not a problem, just a query because it didn’t behave the way I was expecting.

In Semantic Versioning, as long as major version is 0 like in 0.19.0 or 0.19.1, there are no guarantees and any version can include breaking changes.

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Ah, I guess that’s why Elm packages have to start at 1.0.0 and not, say, 0.0.1, hadn’t realised there was a difference between 0.x.x and 1.x.x regarding guarantees and what to expect.

Thanks for the clarification.

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