Major change to package, but not the interface

I have a library which parses via RegEx. The RegEx has been updated, and could be a breaking change for a user. However Elm diff considers this to be patch. I think it should be a major change and communicate this via the version number.

Is there a way to force publish a major version change?


One way I have done this in the past is to add a dummy function to the public API e.g. isVersion1 = True. Then publish a minor version.

Then remove that or change it. At that point Elm will force me to publish a major.

I would like to know if there is a better way too.


Make sure you don’t add the breaking changes in the minor release

Don’t you specify the library version in elm.json? What is preventing you from updating the major version?

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I have manually adjusted the elm.json to be an 8.0 version (elm bump wants a 7.0.1). On publish Elm checks the versions, the output below.

  ✗ Version 8.0.0 is not correct!

-- INVALID VERSION ---------------------------------------------------- elm.json

Your elm.json says the next version should be 8.0.0, indicating a MAJOR change
to the public API. This does not match the API diff given by:

    elm diff 7.0.0

Well that’s obnoxious. It sounds like Sebastian’s workaround will work for you. May I ask what the package is?

If you have a breaking change that isn’t an API change then I recommend making it an API change. This will solve your releasing problem while also allowing the compiler to help consumers of the package identify the breakage when they upgrade.


Without sufficient context none of us can say with certainty that “making it an API change” is sensible.

Here’s another example:

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