Episode 3 of "Writing a property-based testing library in Elm"

Hello folks!

Thanks to an innocent question from @jfmengels that in the end served as a motivation boost to finally finish it :sweat_smile:, I’ve now published the third episode of the “Writing a property-based testing library in Elm” series. Here it is!

In this episode we start dealing with the Debug.todos from the previous episode, in a top-down fashion (“wish driven development” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ), flesh out the core loop of the testing process and generate a bunch more TODOs!

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Also, I’d be grateful for your questions / feedback on the series so far. I’m sure I skipped over some things that could have been explained better, and also my presentation format / video style / narration style could perhaps be improved. Help me make the videos better! :slight_smile:

I’ve actually been enjoying the format a lot! I appreciate that you go quite quickly over the more mundane parts (from this perspective episode 2 was perhaps the weakest) and can’t wait to get to the meat of things (i.e. generators and particularly shrinking).

The sketches are also particularly helpful.

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