Fixing the imports in the examples

pertaining to this thread, these examples require:

import Canvas exposing (..)
import Canvas.Settings exposing (..)
import Canvas.Settings.Line exposing (..)
import Canvas.Settings.Advanced exposing (..)

rather than just import Canvas exposing (..)

I would have posted this into the original thread, but it is locked, so I am posting here.

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Publishing a new version of an Elm package can break an Ellie link that previously worked. It seems that was the case here, with this change: Split the monolithic Canvas module for ease of consumption · joakin/elm-canvas@1a6e6b5 · GitHub

The docs were a huge long document, making it very hard to learn to use
the library.

With this commit, we split the docs so that the subjects of the library,
drawing/settings/textures are easier to learn and visible in the docs

The issue in Ellie was also discussed at Add ability to install older version of package (feature suggestion) · Issue #57 · ellie-app/ellie · GitHub and Upgrade to `0.19.1` broke examples that need specific versions of packages. · Issue #121 · ellie-app/ellie · GitHub

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