Hello world and then some for my first Elm in WordPress plugin

Got code pushed on using Elm in a WordPress plugin. Shows a list of hard-coded processes that will be what the app is for:

If you want to follow along with the project you can check out the roadmap here: https://wking.dev/projects/elm-press


Oh, very nice, have subscribed to all the things and will watch your screencasts as soon as I have time.

I have a WordPress plugin using Elm on the front end (dashboard widget) that was originally built for a mini blog series I did. It’s alas using plain old admin-ajax.php style calls as at the time WP-REST-API wasn’t in wide enough use. So not of much use to you, but if it helps at all to take a look, be my guest!

The current plugin has been improved and kept up to date with Elm releases since, so has diverged from the blog article a little.

Look forward to seeing how your project progresses, and hopefully I can chip in at some point.

I actually already took a look! I found your article almost immediately when researching this topic. :ok_hand:

Thanks for sharing though and following along. I would love your feedback along the way since you have experience on the WordPress side of things.

I considered just using admin-ajax.php ( if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ) however I think the WP REST API is lower Wordpress barrier to entry for Elm devs to look at the code and know what it going on. Also, I don’t know if this will be the case, but maybe WP REST API Setup will be easier than managing actions too? I think we will find out as we go hahah

Excellent, nice to hear someone read my article! :wink:

Yep, WP REST API is definitely the way to go, way more stable and useful these days, and easy to set up routes.

At some point the WP GraphQL library will be worth a look, but it’s early days for it just now.

Will definitely keep an eye on your project and chip in any feedback, very interested in it.

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