Help me check if the Elm Companies list is up to date

I am helping @justin to keep the elm-companies list up to date. Can you please give it a quick look and check if you see any companies that are incorrectly labeled Elm companies, or not using Elm anymore, or if you can think of any companies that are missing?


Humio is no longer Humio, but CrowdStrike instead. And I don’t know how much Elm code we have in production, but it certainly exceeded the 95k lines from that listing a long time ago :smile:

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At Symbaloo we’re still using Elm. Most of our frontend is in Elm and we currently have 190k+ lines of Elm code.

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Arrival uses Elm in at least one team.

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Oh, my company is not listed there. We are using elm in this Should I make a PR on the elm-companies repo ?

I worked on a FinTech product in my previous company before staff retrenchment. Since then, I canceled the pull request for adding Bahamta.

I suspect a lot of those are obsolete and a lot of companies are missing too, but it’s hard to verify.

I can say that Vendr is missing: that used to be Blissfully, that was acquired by or became Vendr. Not sure if the text would need to be updated though, as I don’t work there.

I’m currently adding the organization I’m working for. :slight_smile: What’s the usual name for a category like Arts/Culture/Entertainment/Media? I can’t find a suitable category for our activity so I want to create a new one, but make it large enough.

Yes, a pull request would be great! :blush:

I’m having a hard time figuring out the relevant details. Can you maybe create a pull request for it? :innocent:

Thanks everybody for your suggestions!
I incorporated all of them and brought the repo up to date! :rocket:


I added our company, Holmusk, to the list (PR)
The frontend of our main product, NeuroBlu, is currently about 70k LOC of Elm and growing.


Our company (Pacific Health Dynamics) is still using Elm, but we were acquired by HAMBS since being added to the list.

Should that info go into the repo?

Yeah, I think it should be reflected in the repo. Can you open a PR? :innocent:

Sure! Rename PHD to HAMBS by r-k-b · Pull Request #129 · jah2488/elm-companies · GitHub

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I’ve added Marvelsoft and was shocked to discover we have 100k+ LOC currently in prod. Granted, elm-format empty lines are boosting the numbers.

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The PR for Pythonian is ready.

I’ve raised a PR to add Timeline: Add Timeline by szubtsovskiy · Pull Request #133 · jah2488/elm-companies · GitHub

I’ve submitted a PR to add Uncover.

I did some work last here to produce a list of companies that use Elm, you can find at the bottom of this post. I extracted data from different sources.


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