How can I use a global model in a SPA?

I’m creating a spa and I used this great example that teach me how to make a loggin with firebase
I added that part in one of my pages but has a normal model and I would like that when tha user is loggin can be acccess to the data of the user from another page.
there is a way to can share a model with other page?

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Check out elm-shared-state, it has an example of using a shared state.

I used to call this shared state a Session but lately I started referring to it as a Context.


thanks for your help man, I’ll revise it.

I found this project super helpful for managing state on various pages:

This project has tooling that generates all the boilerplate code for a multipage app.

Component pages can make global updates to the model:

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If you want a very small example you can check out this one

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