How to get package pulishing working again?

Hi, I accidentally published a broken package ( I bumped the version to 1.0.1, but failed to check that elm-package.json in with the 1.0.1 tag. ‘elm-package publish’ let me publish it anyway.

I don’t seem able to publish a 1.0.2 version to rectify the mistake, or indeed any other packages under ‘the-sett’.

Sorry to be a pain, but I suspect a manual correction may be needed, who can I ask for help?


Reach out to me on Slack.

Edit: There does not seem to be a problem with your package. It looked like you just hadn’t published 1.0.1 at all? I published it while verifying it existed. I also installed it and it worked. You couldn’t publish 1.0.2 as you hadn’t published 1.0.1.