How to test latest (dev) elm-compile?

Hi, I would like to test latest elm compiler, benchmark compilation time, prepare code for next version, and if possible test any newer feature.
The problem is: though I can compile elm-compile dev branch, there isn’t a compatible elm-package branch which is required to elm-make (which also don’t have a dev branch)
Is there anyway to test the elm-compile dev branch? How is evan doing?

The road so far:
cabal update
cabal sandbox init
cabal sandbox add-source elm-compiler elm-package elm-make
cabal install -j --allow-newer --only-dependencies --ghc-options="-w" elm-make
cabal install -j --allow-newer --disable-executable-dynamic elm-make

My understanding is that the dev branches of the core elm tools often don’t compile or work together while they are being developed, and also there is often work in progress that has not been pushed even to the dev branches. As far as I know, there is not much you can do except wait until the beta and/or release candidate is published.

Before the official release, there is normally a period where the new version will be available for package authors to upgrade their packages; you’ll be able to use that version to experiment with upgrading your code before the official release.