Live stream (and video) of upgrading a small(ish) side project to 0.19

I live streamed my initial attempt to update a small(ish) Elm application (~3000 loc) from 0.18 to 0.19. I wasn’t able to finish in the first video, so I’ll stream again next week, and I’ll keep streaming the process until it’s finished.

It’s interesting to figure this stuff out with very limited knowledge on the best way to upgrade. I’m hoping I can figure out how to do this more easily so I can start updating some of my other Elm packages!


This was more difficult and mysterious than I originally thought. For a couple reasons

  • Elm 0.19 tools in IDEs (particularly VSCode) aren’t totally working in parity with Elm 0.18
  • A lot of types and functions got moved to other packages and aren’t particularly easy to find (the release notes help though)
  • I probably should have done a bit more preparation, but the goal was to show what it was like with no prior knowledge

Thanks for doing this!

Yeah, for elm-upgrade, it looks like it removed a bunch of your dependencies when it ran the second time, so I’ll try to fix that! And I’ve been thinking about having ways for packages to publish update scripts or instructions that could help with fixing your code for the package updates, but didn’t have time to implement it–hopefully for Elm 0.20 :slight_smile:

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