How to upgrade from the 0.18 'Navigation' to the 0.19 'Browser'?

In Elm 0.18, we have the elm-lang/navigation package.
In my current Elm-app, I’ve used the setup explained in elm-navigation-example to use the Navigation package to handle routing.

However, upgrading this to the 0.19 approach is not straightforward, so now I have some questions:

  • The Navigation.Location type is gone, what to use instead? Browser has both Key and UrlRequest, so I don’t think there is a 1:1 mapping.
  • I used to parse the URL using the UrlParser that the package exposed, but this module no longer exists. What to use instead?
  • Before, my Main.main implementation was a Navigation.program. Do I now use Browser.application or something else?

Help is greatly appreciated!

These pages on the new guide cover these exact topics:

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This is now Url.Url from


Yes, Browser.application.

Here is an small example app


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