I wrote another elm book

I finished a book for beginners wanting to learn elm. I walk through creating a calculator. I also cover testing and deployment.

My motivation was to have material to help me introduce elm at my workplace.

See https://pianomanfrazier.com/courses/#learn-elm-by-example-code-a-calculator-using-elm-from-scratch

Use code “elmrocks” for 50% off.

And here is the calculator I built.


I’m looking for resources to learn Elem. And frankly I’m not very impressed by your book right now.

Here’s why.

  • I can’t immediately see any free chapters of the book/video (looked over your website)
  • I wanted to see how you deal with exercises or is there any ( I don’t like tutorials where other people code and I watch, super unproductive)
  • Your demo app is opposite of attractive/inspiring.

Thanks for reading my criticism, hope you find it useful and not personally attacked.

No offense taken. I’ll make it better if I can. I want it to be helpful.

On my site I have a link to a PDF of the first couple of chapters. Heres the link again https://pianomanfrazier.com/files/elm-calculator-sample.pdf

What puts you off about the example? I did a CSS clone of DuckDuckGo’s calculator. I just did a RPN style calculator instead of the traditional calculator. This way we can avoid parsing.

Is it that it looks ugly or you are not a fan of RPN style calculators? I have plans to add a chapter on doing parsing with the Parser module but I wanted to keep things simple.

As for exercises, I suggest you just try to build the demo I provide. Maybe you can do it without the book. If you get stuck maybe the book will help you. Building the project from scratch is the exercise. I try to point you in the right direction and then show you how I did it.

Nothing specifically put me off about calculator, I just find it unexcited specifically because I’m exited about Elm. I hear about Elm this, Elm that, Elm is awesome.

So I got interesting to try it out, and the last thing I want is to build calculator :smiley:. Not only that, but keep in mind most people who want to use Elm are already programmers (I’m guessing), so I guess they don’t need a lot of hand holding. But again, I think you did research your demographic before you started the book so you probably adjusted the pace for them/us.

@Marko Elm is very much directed at both experienced programmers and non-programmers. Additionally it’s very beneficial for communities to have learning material directed at both experts and novices.

As far as looking for resources for Elm, I started a collection at https://wolfadex.github.io/elm-resources/. It definitely doesn’t cover every topic and is still missing things like books. It’s still early though and I hope that it can be useful.


@wolfadex thanks for doing that.

I’m Getting through the first resource “Getting Started” official guide, which I find so
incredibly useful.

Yeah, for whatever reason I looked the world from only my perspective and
unintentionally exerted to much criticism towrds the @pianomanfrazier.

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