Collection of resources for learning Elm

There was some discussion on Slack the other day about finding tutorials and guides. I’ve also had friends and coworkers request these from me . I realized that I’ve built up my own little collection in my browser bookmarks, but that’s not easy to share with other people. To help with this I built a small website to house my opinionated collection of resources.

The website can be found here

If you see something missing or you think of a better tutorial, guide, etc please feel free to add it as a PR or an issue here

This is definitely an opinionated list and doesn’t, yet, cover every topic in Elm. E.g. there aren’t any books or videos because I haven’t read or watched any and am hesitant to recommend them just because I’ve heard of them. If I get multiple recommendations for a specific resource, it’s more likely that it will get added as that indicates to me that multiple people found it beneficial.

A small footnote, I would like to only have multiple resources for a topic listed if they are different formats. I’m more than happy to have a book, video, and blog post about ports but I would like to avoid having 5 videos on ports.


I just wrote an Elm book for beginners walking through a whole app. Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

I wrote it because I want to introduce elm at my workplace and wanted a learning resource to help them.

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This website is supposed to be a collection of resources (tutorials, guides, tools, etc) that beginners and experts can refer to. E.g. my friend was trying to figure out how to write sequential tasks and felt the official guide wasn’t clear enough. He ended up finding a blog post that he then shared it with me. That blog post is now included in my list.

Your book would be an example of a resource that I could include in my website. While I’m happy to include your book, I would like to know that others have found your book to be useful. No judgement on you or your book, I just would prefer 1 “getting started” book. Since I’ve never read any books on Elm I would be a bad person to judge which book would be best for that.

You’re more than welcome to file an issue on the GitHub repo and/or make a PR against it. If there were others that could agree that your book is the “best” book for me to recommend then I’d be happy to include it.

I hope that answers your question. If not I’d be happy to follow up with any clarifications.

That’s fine. I’m just putting it out there. No offense taken. I just released it today so it’s yet to be determined if people find it useful.

Well congrats on releasing it! Writing a book is an incredible amount of work. I don’t think I could do it anytime soon.

I have contemplated a separate section for resources that I not familiar with. A way to maybe guide people to resources that they can evaluate and then possibly let myself others know if they’re worth further investment. I’ve found with web development that there is a gargantuan amount of resources but it’s hard to filter it down to just the useful parts.

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