I'm giving en elm course in an university!

Hello everybody,

I’m really happy to tell you that for the first time, I’m giving an elm course into an university ! Courses are next month and I have ~40 students who’ll learn some elm for the first time ever in France :slight_smile:

Have a great day !


hooray! Congratulations, Thibaut! :tada:


That’s amazing!!! Congratulations! :heart_eyes_cat:


Awesome! I would love for a chance to teach Elm at a local university, I’m working out how to approach that right now with a friend actually!


That’s great. Please be sure to post an update on how things go at the conclusion of the course. Would be great to read a write-up.

Hello Thibaut, I found this topic when Evan redirected me to Discourse. I am also giving a course at a university in Elm. I finished the first semester in February and I am starting again in October. In the meantime I am looking for similar people that are giving similar courses around the world in order to exchange some experience.

My course is an introduction to functional programming and I found Elm to be very friendly. Also the students were very satisfied. I switched to Elm from Scala. For students Scala was less scary to start (since they are familiar with Java), but later it turned out that Elm forces them to use much nicer patterns of programming. One of the main reasons was that Elm has a much more succinct syntax and it also helps that it is immutable by default. In Scala they quickly ran into more familiar Java patterns whenever they ran into problems.

What were your impressions?

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