Intellij-elm 3.0: elm-test UI, WebGL support, and more

Version 3.0 of the Elm plugin for IntelliJ adds some big new features since the last major release:

  • Added UI for running elm-test and viewing test results
  • Built-in support for elm-format, including auto-format-on-save
  • GLSL literals in your Elm WebGL app now support syntax highlighting and code completion

The 3.0 release page on GitHub has more details including screenshots. But for those that have a few minutes to spare, I also prepared a demo video showing off the new stuff, as well as a brief tour at the end about what makes IntelliJ such a powerful tool for writing Elm code.

intellij-elm supports both Elm 0.19 and 0.18, it runs on Mac/Windows/Linux, and—when used with IntelliJ Community Edition—it’s 100% free and open-source.

Thank you to all the contributors who made such a big impact in this release. If you have questions/feedback/problems, please reach out to me on Discourse/Slack/Github (or even by email!).


This sounds awesome! Does the improved elm-format support mean that it is no longer necessary to use a paid version of IntelliJ to get automatic format-on-save? (I’d be happy to pay for IntelliJ for myself, but having full support for Elm in the community edition makes it a lot easier to recommend to beginners as a “getting started with Elm” IDE.)

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Correct, you can now have elm-format run automatically on save even in IntelliJ Community Edition. It’s also way easier to configure now.


I have a problem running tests, getting:

@mickeyvip and I figured this out over Slack (solution here:

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Thank you, guys! You are awesome!

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