Introducing Elm Ant Design

In the spirit of “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late”, I present to you Elm Ant Design, an implementation of Ant Design’s UI kit in Elm.

The library has zero external dependencies (no need to add a css tag to your html to download styles). Styles are implemented in Elm using elm-css. It’s as easy as elm install supermacro/elm-antd and you’re all ready to go!

Check out the component showcase at

Api Documentation

source code

Project Goals

  • Attain 100% feature parity with React’s implementation of Ant Design (which can be found here)
  • Create a space that allows Elm developers of all skill levels to be able to easily contribute to an open source project
    • You’ll see in various parts of the documentation that I make reference to contributing to the project
    • I’ve also created a large list of "good first issue"s and “help wanted” tags on github (link)

I would appreciate any and all feedback!


Hi there, I’m the creator of orasund/elm-ui-widgets. I started to watch your repository (as you might have noticed).

Sadly both projects aren’t compatible with each other, but they are definitely tackling the same problem. That’s why I’d like to contribute some insights into what I’ve learned when writing elm-ui-widgets. So that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Also, I’m guessing that there will be a few things that you will do better than I did, so I hope its okey for you if I use some of your ideas for my project as well.



Nice to meet you Lucas!

I’ve checked out your project before, although have not read through the code… yet! haha

I would really appreciate any feedback / insights that you may have. And by all means please do use any of my ideas / patterns that you find useful.

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