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I’m trying a little experiment with Elm, after not using the language at all for a couple years. I remember being really curious about Elm-UI. Is it still something folks in this community use? Or has the user-interface moved on to something else? What are folks using these days?



Welcome back! I’d say mdgriffith/elm-ui is still quite popular and a v2 is in development. rtfeldman/elm-css is also still quite popular and got a really nice fork dzuk-mutant/elm-css recently. Using Tailwind with Elm has also been popular the last year or 2, though I don’t know which packages are used for that most commonly.

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Thanks! I remember now hearing a podcast discussing tailwind in elm, and that sound really interesting too.

it feels very refreshing to be using elm again :slight_smile:


I’m a happy elm-ui user, although I’m also eagerly anticipating the upcoming version 2.


As someone who approached Elm with no prior web development experience, elm-ui fit like a glove, as I had no html- and css-stuff to unlearn. I still have very limited skills in html and css, but despite this I can create pretty advanced and good-looking web apps thanks to elm-ui. It’s a great package and I’m looking forward to what version 2 will bring!


Thanks so much! Very helpful. Where could I find more info about version 2? I didnt know there’s going to be a new version.

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