Is there a 'tidy data' package out there?

Is anyone aware of an Elm package for tidying data? For those unfamiliar with the concept, it is a convention for organising data tables that separates variables into columns and observations into rows. For example this ‘messy’ table

site temperature2017 temperature2018
Bristol 12 14
Sheffield 11 13
Glasgow 8 9

can be converted into the following ‘tidy’ table:

site year temperature
Bristol 2017 12
Bristol 2018 14
Sheffield 2017 11
Sheffield 2018 13
Glasgow 2017 8
Glasgow 2018 9

(For details, see Wickham 2014)

I have started writing functions to do the necessary transformations, but didn’t want to do too much wheel reinventing if a package already exists. Searching the package server with some likely keywords doesn’t yield anything obvious to me.

If not, I will continue to work on this and publish as a package.


I’m interested in hearing more about your work on tidy data in Elm. I’m very new to Elm (only a few chapters into the official guide) and my primary programming experience is in R. I expect that familiar concepts (like tidy data) will make learning Elm a bit easier for me.

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