Link to Ellies catalog in the sidebar

Hello! This is most likely a question for @evancz or @terezka as people working on the and other Elm websites.

I’ve recently had this exchange on the Elm Slack when helping out with some JSON decoders.

And so the question is: Would it make sense to you to add a link to the Ellies catalog to that sidebar? Or would there be a better place for it?

(I reckon the sidebar in the Ellie app itself might also be one, potentially a better one.)

The catalog in question is, advertised on this Discourse eg. in the post Ellie catalog and bookmarklet. Lets you submit and search for Ellie links - frequently, solutions to often-asked questions.


Hi Martin!

I didn’t know about the catalog either- that’s really cool! I’m actually have a similar feature upcoming for the editor, so you will be able to save your own code, see other peoples work etc. For that reason, I think it may make more sense to link to the catalog from Ellie itself as you suggested, too. I do however see how it’d be helpful to have more examples for the JSON decoder/encoder readily available, so I think I’ll add some examples on the site/docs. Thanks for bringing this up! (+ thanks for answering questions on the elm slack! :blush:)


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