Locale aware Date/Time formatting, now with Options!

I have updated my package for locale-aware date/time formatting with my proposed API for using Intl-style options. I believe that this makes the package feature-complete enough to be used by other packages (e.g. Fluent-in-Elm type packages, charting packages, etc)!

This update does put a lot more data in each locale than there was before, so here are some example sizes:

  • Basic app using Cldr.Locale.allLocales : 24MB
  • Basic app using Cldr.Locale.allLocales , after gzip: 766KB
  • Basic app using Cldr.Locale.basicLocales : 5.6MB
  • Basic app using Cldr.Locale.basicLocales , after gzip: 217KB
  • Basic app using a single locale: 255KB
  • Basic app using a single locale, after gzip: 41KB

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