Logo interpreter or other educational resources?

Is there a logo interpreter in Elm? The language for controlling a ‘turtle’ to make geometric drawings.

As I am sure is the case for quite a few of us, I was not planning on getting into home ed, but here we are. My kids are 11 and 8, and I can at least teach them a bit about computer programming.

Elm has a good track record as an educational language too - if anyone has some relevant resources please post links. Thanks.


There is TurtleGraphics for generating images.

Also, there is an old, 0.18, package elm-turtle-graphics that had animations.

There is also this 0.18 package https://github.com/cruessler/elm-logo that is under development (last commit was 2 months ago).

Relevant for young people there is also http://outreach.mcmaster.ca/
And the Playground package.
for example: https://elm-lang.org/examples/turtle

Thanks peter. That TurtleGraphics one looks like a fine starting point.

The cruessler/elm-logo one looks potentially abandoned, and also overkill as the blog post is talking about compiling to byte code and having a byte code interpreter. Quite like the idea of starting simple, but having something in Elm so I can add to it and also segway into looking at some simple Elm code from there.

Did not realize the original logo was written in lisp and is a functional language.

Have you read Mindstorms?

The Logo Memos are also a treasure trove.


I have never read either, thanks though it certainly looks interesting.

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