Teach Elm to complete novices?

Has anyone stumbled upon any resources for teaching Elm to complete novices?

I’m volunteering for an organisation that introduces kids and teachers to programming. At the moment we use visual programming languages such as Scratch for teaching. They’re great and all but it would be fun to run a session with a textual programming language as well. Elm seems like a good fit since it’s fairly easy to get something visual up and running on the screen.


McMaster University in Canada has an outreach program that teaches kids to do simple graphics programming with Elm. Check out their showcase too.

IIRC, @tibastral also recently ran a workshop that taught young people to program with Elm.


Yes and the first part of @tibastral’s talk How to build a native looking date picker with elm from Elm Europe 2018 is actually about it.

Richard’s talk on Teaching Elm to Beginners is a really good resource

I would definitely recommend elm for absolute beginners. My results where promising.

Its an intriguing question (and a big deal for Elm “if you are into the whole ‘adoption’ thing” imo).

When I help new programmers with say Python, I really do have trouble looking them in the eye and saying “this language is good for you”. Am I really helping, or am shepherding them towards the same imperative thinking that makes FP hard work for my OO-steeped brain?

When I were ten, I were off down’t von neumann bottleneck like me father

Presumably Elm is better suited to green-fields projects than “‘just’ port this big ball of js over to Elm”. I suspect that Elm (and fp generally) is better suited to green-fields minds. No? Yes?? Someone get me some research! …and get that cat out of here!

I don’t have the Elm chops to teach Elm, and I prefer to introduce types later rather than sooner, but kids love effects. The (current) Elm focus on a smooth path from zero to web page, makes it very attractive to me as a guilt-free language to present to a budding hacker.

Right -that is enough idle speculation for me. Back down the mine now to dig for mud!

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I cannot recommend enough https://janiczek.github.io/silent-teacher/.


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