Mario 0.19 example not stepping?

Very new to Elm, I am trying to learn using game development.
So the Mario example seems a good start. I saw that since 0.19 it’s using the playground module, that looks attractive on certain aspects, but Mario doesn’t step anymore!
Does Playground just doesn’t allow the gif to loop or is there a way to achieve this?
Right now I am trying to convert the 0.18 version (that loops) to a 0.19 compatible version, but if Playground can do it I might as well use it.

where’s the code for this thing

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by stepping, but mario is stepping for me, if I press the arrow key for a bit longer.

It does not work on Chrome:

I’m not sure why this issue was closed by its author, maybe because the root cause seems to be in elm/virtual-dom:

You can look at the network developer tools on Chrome and see the image being reloaded each animation frame.

As an alternative, you can use the webgl version (click the Mario one):

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Awesome, thanks thank you for the answer. I didn’t think about trying on a different Browser.

Thanks for the link to the webGL version! I got my little character to walk using it and a sprite sheet instead of a looping GIF, which should be the preferred way anyway I assume…

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