What's a game tutorial that works with 0.19?

I want to go through a game tutorial, but having a hard time finding one that works with 0.19.

I’m fairly new to Elm but experienced in Haskell and many imperative languages.

I want to learn one or more of the following: the basics of 2D gaming, having objects (sprites?) that move around the screen and interact, bullets or lasers moving, responding to keyboard or mouse clicks, etc.



It might not be what you want, but I tried to write the examples for my game engine in such a way that a beginner can understand it:


Using the package Orasund/pixelengine.

But keep in mind: My engine only allows 2D turn based stuff.


Thanks for link. I want to focus on learning “vanillia” or core Elm capabilities… how much does the game engine involve high-level abstractions on top of that and would it get in the way of learning Elm? I suppose it doesn’t have to.

It handles all the rendering. (using Html and css) as well as inputs.
Everything else needs to be done in normal Elm.

That said, I have also included a Grid package, that is just a Wrapper around a Dict. It will ensure that you can’t access areas outside a specified grid. But it is not necessary for using my engine.

Not tuturials, but in case you don’t know. There is a list of elm games for many versions here https://github.com/rofrol/elm-games/blob/master/README.md

@razze Oh that’s very useful. I’m an experienced programmer in other languages so I can use the source for these to teach myself.

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In this case, you might have a use for this source code of a snake clone, in ellie: https://ellie-app.com/5whL3sHPPDva1

There is also this other game using Elm 0.19 I did not see in that list: It is more about exploring an open world. Controls using mouse, rendering using SVG: https://github.com/Viir/Freemake

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