Matheus23/elm-default-tailwind-modules and elm-explorations/markdown

As elm-default-tailwind-modues resets CSS, markdown misses the points in lists:

Example in Elllie

Is there a simple way to fix it?

elm-default-tailwind-modules comes with a Tailwind.Utilities.prose style.

The naming is a bit odd, but you can read more about Tailwind’s prose here, it’s designed to help you style the HTML rendered from standard markdown, so this is exactly what it’s there for.

Hope that helps!


@dillonkearns, yes this helps, thank you very much!

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I guess I should also mention dillonkearns/elm-markdown, which is intended for a similar purpose: to allow you to customize what your markdown output renders to. So you could use it to render to elm-ui, for example. Or elm-tailwind-modules.

I’ve been using it with this renderer:

That’s what it looks like in the code for the elm-pages 2.0 docs (not released yet, but here are the beta docs:

So if you want more fine-grained control of the markdown output, you could take a look at using a custom renderer in dillonkearns/elm-markdown. For simpler use cases, just using the prose styling will be a great solution of course.


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