Much faster fixes for elm-review

Hi everyone!

I just released a large release for elm-review. I decided to split the announcement into 2 parts. This first part focuses on the large performance improvements done to elm-review’s automatic fix feature.

I hope you’ll enjoy the changes as much as I will!


This looks great!

Thinking about how I would want to go about fixing up a codebase, I would want to follow this procedure:

  • Pick one rule with violations
  • Fix all violations, ensuring that no violations were introduced for rules that have no violations
  • Commit these changes together
  • Repeat until there are no more rules with violations

The --fix-limit flag might help facilitate this, but I think the ideal tool would make this process easy to do.

With the massive speed improvements I put in some work to have us running more rules at work. I can say that it’s been quite easy so far to delete thousands of lines of code without worry or issue.

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@dta I agree with your general procedure, but I would like to know which pain-point you’re having with elm-review in what you’re describing. I don’t feel like this is a problem for me, so I’d be curious to know.

You can enable rules one at a time. Especially for rules that provide fixes, doing this with --fix-all should be quite straightforward. For rules that don’t provide fixes, elm-review suppress --help can be quite helpful, though it will obviously require some manual work.

Enabling the rules one at a time exactly solves my use case! I think I was confused by --fix-all not necessarily fixing all.

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