New elm-review package releases

Hey all,

I released a new few versions for elm-review and its packages over the last hour and month.

jfmengels/elm-review (2.7.X)

Thanks to Jie, there is now a new Rule.filterErrorsForFiles function to precisely filter the files you wish to get errors for. This can be useful if you wish to enable a rule only in some files that match a pattern (all Example.elm files for instance). Jie used this function to integrate elm-review into Exercism’s Elm track to make detailed feedback for user’s solutions, which is super cool :sunglasses:

It also contains also a smaller issue to fix elm-review --watch not always updating when files get added or deleted.

elm-review-unused (1.1.21)

elm-review-simplify (2.0.8)

Now also simplifies these use-cases:

String.replace x y ""
--> ""

String.replace x x z
--> z

String.replace "x" "y" "z"
--> "z" -- only when resulting string is unchanged

Json.Decode.oneOf [ a ]
--> a

Parser.oneOf [ a ]
--> a

Hope you find these helpful :slight_smile:


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