Potential breaking change in github zipballs codec

Hi. We are facing a strange and potentially dramatic issue with github. The checksum of a couple package zipballs has changed, but the projects haven’t had any recent activity.

The projects are:
GitHub - debois/elm-dom: DOM traversal for Elm event-handlers - version 1.3
GitHub - Chadtech/elm-bool-extra: Convenience functions for working with Bools in Elm - version 2.4.2

Ii looks like the information on tags and commits is consistent with no activity in the last months. Do you have any clue of what can be wrong? What comes to my mind is that github might be changing its zip codec parameters, thing that would be a dramatic problem for the Elm community.

We started to see this issue about 5 hours ago. In order to reproduce it you have to delete/backup your ~/.elm directory.

Interesting - just ran into this as well with - folkertdev/elm-deque

I downloaded the source code for folkertdev/elm-deque 3.0.1 from:


But it looks like the hash of the archive has changed since publication:

Expected: d68f199182be5e93097a1e56869e5b29e7bbda91
Actual: e9b1de164452ad0e32ceda86fd5c8d46b9dcfaa4

<It’s actively being discussed in the #core-coordination on the elm-slack>


According to #core-coordination, github fixed the situation and it should be working for everybody now.


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