Package elm-collage corrupt?

I was going to run at Try Elm! the Collage example Sierpinski as I got this warning.
I downloaded the source code for 2426021684/elm-collage 1.0.2 from:

But it looks like the hash of the archive has changed since publication:

Expected: 6b376dc246549b4beabe34c1cc544fd1ed5bd5a5
Actual: 27dfad847e5313c8f521ccdbc98c22a7d8858664

This usually means that the package author moved the version tag, so report it
to them and see if that is the issue. Folks on Elm slack can probably help as

The corrupt package was not installed. Thus the example could’nt be run at Try Elm!
However, I could load the package successfully at and run there Sierpinski example.

I installed yesterday elm-collage to my mac and it works aswell.
I expect @timjs does not maintain elm-collage anymore - who does it then?

Have you tried using timjs/elm-collage instead?

Yes, I was in fact looking for timjs/elm-collage but there was shown only the one with this odd number 2426021684. When I look now the packages at Try Elm! the right one timjs/elm-collage is given on the list again.

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