I ran into a vague build problem recently, and I’m posting it because I didn’t find other cases of it when googling.

When building with netlify, but not locally, I would get this error from the elm compiler:

3:41:29 PM: > elm-pages build
3:41:33 PM: -- PROBLEM BUILDING DEPENDENCIES -----------------------------------------------
3:41:33 PM: I ran into a compilation error when trying to build the following package:
3:41:33 PM:     ianmackenzie/elm-units 2.9.0
3:41:33 PM: This probably means it has package constraints that are too wide. It may be
3:41:33 PM: possible to tweak your elm.json to avoid the root problem as a stopgap. Head
3:41:33 PM: over to https://elm-lang.org/community to get help figuring out how to take this
3:41:33 PM: path!
3:41:33 PM: Note: To help with the root problem, please report this to the package author
3:41:33 PM: along with the following information:
3:41:33 PM:     elm/core 1.0.5
3:41:33 PM:     elm/time 1.0.0

I’m still unsure exactly what fixed my build, but it was some combination of these two things:

  1. Clearing the cache before deploying my site. There’s a button on netlify for this, and I believe it removed the influence of an old ELM_HOME directory and elm-stuff folder. (Thanks @dillonkearns for the pointer here and for shepherding across the relevant slack channels!) This did not work on its own however.

  2. Following advice here to analyze my elm.json with this tool I found that I had a dependency on “stil4m/structured-writer 1.0.1”. The tool was having trouble loading it, and according to elm packages, that version is not compatible with elm 0.19.1! After updating this dependency with elm-json install stil4m/structured-writer my build succeeded.


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