Proxy ENVIRONMENT vars in Elm 0.19.0

Congratulations on releasing 0.19
I found out about it via a sublimetext plugin !

I downloaded it.
Is the installer for windows really called ‘installer-for-windows.exe’?
My antivirus has quaranteened it. WS.Reputation.1 is what its finding.
Well that happened after I installed Elm and ran the repl.
Repl started OK but as soon as I typed ‘exit’ I got an error about the https_proxy environment var not being ‘configured’ correctly. This has been seen in the past. I frigged around with my https_proxy settings, eventually pointing it to the https_proxy at the http proxy and the error in the relp went away.

Finally my question is, does the repl actually need to talk through the proxy before it computes 1 + 1 ? Is this in the design? or do I have a corrupted version of it.


It really does do that and so did 0.18 which forced me to fiddle with proxy settings too.

It needs to download the core packages before it can compile its first Elm program (even one as simple as 1 + 1).

Thanks guys. I makes sense that the repl is downloading packages. There still seems to be some sort of problem dealing with the https-proxy environment var.

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