Need help from 0.18 users of

I have been working on to improve reliability.

If you are using 0.18 or lower, can you try running your normal commands with the following environment variable set?

http_proxy= elm-make src/Main.elm

Please let me know if everything works as expected!


There are two Haskell servers running on right now. One to handle users of 0.18 and below, and another to handle everything else. The draft improvements combine these into a single binary that is significantly easier to build, putting us in a better position if there is some big unforeseen issue. So the endpoint here is testing that this unified version works as expected.



I could build a 0.18.0 project as well as a 0.17.1 project successfully with the http_proxy variable in place.

I cleared caches elm-stuff and $HOME/.elm before attempting to build them, as otherwise I have found that the http_proxy variable had no effect.

Everything worked as expected!

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Same here, I built an elm 0.18.0 project successfully after wiping ~/.elm and elm-stuff. (And setting the port to a different value caused things to fail properly, so Iā€™m pretty confident it actually used the specified server.)

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