PureScript for Elm developers

I made a cheat-sheet for myself when learning PureScript. Now I’m sharing it: GitHub - laurentpayot/purescript-for-elm-developers: PureScript crash course targeted at Elm developers. Any feedback is welcome :smiley:

Spoiler alert: the more I know PureScript/Haskell, the more I like how Elm hides complexity from us.


This is an awesome resource. Thanks for sharing. :pray:


Awesome to see PureScript getting some attention! You reminded me to check up on its progress and community.
It’s been a topic of my bachelor’s thesis after I’ve worked with Elm for a few months as an intern.
I also remember glossing over many advanced things because it was much more complex language.

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I just added a section about nested tuples (tuples larger than 2 elements).

I think most of the basics of PureScript are covered now.


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