Scan or not to scan?

In the core 5.1.1 package documentation, I can see the definition of the common functional programming function List.scanl.

But the compiler doesn’t recognise it:

I cannot find a `List.scanl` variable:

The `List` module does not expose a `scanl` variable. These names seem close

Any thoughts?

You’re looking at the documentation for the core package for Elm 0.18. (elm-lang/core)

List.scanl was removed in Elm 0.19 and core was moved to elm/core.

You can use the scanl function from elm-community/list-extra

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Thanks for the info.

In general terms, is there any easy way to tell which piece of documentation is 0.18 or 0.19 – is there a cast-iron way to guarantee being on the latest documentation?

Search for package in - that only shows 0.19 packages.

And there is also Elm 0.18 packages for 0.18 packages.

Also, shows 0.18 documentation, which is the trap I fell into - that is where my bookmark pointed…

Yes, it’s a bit confusing. Both 0.18 and 0.19 packages will be located at… but the search engine at only shows 0.19 packages.

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