Seen Elm logo in FrontendOps presentation by Thoughtworks, however, need some help to understand the context in which its present

In the below slideshare link, I’ve seen the Elm logo in slide 20. The heading of that slide is Transpilation"
My understanding is that Elm code will be compiled to JS. How or Where is Transpilation attributed to Elm?
Any light on understanding Elm in the context of Transpilation would be a great help.

Transpilation means compiling to a source code in another language. In case of Elm, it gets compiled to a JavaScript source code, which you then run in your browser.

The other logos in that slide:

  • Babel: newer/experimental version of JS into “old JS”, essentially adding support for new features
  • TypeScript: typed JS into JS
  • ClojureScript: Clojure into JS
  • Reason: Reason into JS (through the intermediate step of OCaml, I think?)
  • I don’t know what the last logo is for :innocent:

Related: Language Graph - allows you to find a chain of such transpilers from language A to language B, if it exists.

Oh okey! Thanks for confirmation.


Found what the last logo is for by using image search in Google. It is PostCSS:

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