Set cursor in input

I would like to set the cursor in an input field.
I tried to use autofocus in Html.Attributes, but that doesn’t do the job.
In javascript I would use .focus()
Is there a way to do this in Elm?


Yes, use this function:


Super! Thanks a lot.

I too wanted this, “Autofocus of a input control on document load.” So I hunted around to see if I could set an HTML Attribute property. I found the way to do it in <>.

Look at the below concise snippet, an import and a helper function from HTML.Attributes module. If you still have trouble, I’ll put the full example online.


– required import
import Html.Attributes exposing (property)

– Input box snippet start –
[ centerX
, centerY
, width (px 500)
, spacing 16
– This line: Sets the HTML Attribute ‘autofocus’ to True
, htmlAttribute (property “autofocus” (Encode.bool True))

{ – }
– Input box snippet end –

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