Share your parser projects!


I would love to hear about people who have built something using elm/parser! What did you build? Why did you build it?

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I parsed Twitch chat to pick up event announcements. It’s mostly IRC with some IRC extensions and twitch specific events and properties. I’m not happy with the interface right now; properties are a list of a custom type, so I have to iterate and case every time I want to look something up. Could also possibly be separated into IRC syntax and twitch properties.

Only used in two places so far, so it’s just copied.

I parsed a molecular formula to get the molar mass for my Compsci IA.
It’s really simple and I learned a lot! Looking back, the code quality could definitely improve haha.


Several parsers in our app. Couple of interesting ones:

  • We parse ICU message format plurals as part of internationalising our app.

  • And we have a parser for a significant subset of Lucene/Elastic Search query format that we use to decide whether what you have typed into the search bar is well-formed and therefore whether to send it to the server for preview-as-you-type results.


I did an Oreo-parser.
It parses oreo-input, "o"s and "re"s, into an oreo cookie illustration.

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Are those open source projects? Really like the search query formatter idea

Sadly not currently. The particular flavour of Elastic Search that we parse is a bit quirky because our server does a bit more rewriting on it before it goes to ES, so we have not built it as a library. Maybe it could kick off project to target a particular subset of ES query syntax.

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