Some packages releases statistics since Elm 0.14

Elm releases

  • 0.14: Dec 2014
  • 0.15: Apr 2015
  • 0.16: Nov 2015
  • 0.17: May 2016
  • 0.18: Nov 2016
  • 0.19: Aug 2018


Packages per Elm version

Total packages

New packages per month

Releases (major/minor/patch packages versions)

Releases per Elm version

Total releases

Releases per month

Official releases (elm + elm-explorations + elm-lang) and evancz ones


Interesting, but I’m not sure how to interpret these data. How does “healthy” ecosystem look? Do we need other data to determine health, e.g. number of abandoned projects?


The use of cumulative statistics makes the graphs hard to read. In particular, it is hard to compare 0.18 and 0.19. What about giving numbers per week instead?

The graphs are now per Elm version, but I think the result was quite expected from the previous ones. I’m not sure what having them per week would improve compared to per month.

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