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Hello Everyone,

Don’t know if I am asking the right thing in the right place, but since it is our community, I will give it a try.

I am planning to boost my Elm experience during the upcoming summer.(I have a good basic understanding of Elm and how it works) . Are there some organizations who are providing internship opportunities for students across Europe, during the summer? (Let’s hope the CORONA will end) Or, are there some good and updated online courses available such as this one?

Don’t know, why am i feeling like I will choose Elm as my life career among all others. So, please, if you know anything regarding Elm workshops, training, or internship opportunities, write me down.

I have already got my ticket for Elm-conf 2020 and so exciting about that.

Thank You.


You missed the google summer of code application :confused:
There might be some projects that would accept proposals in elm.

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Hey. Check out Richard’s workshops of Frontend masters, highly recommended.

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Thank you for the suggestions! I have no way other than to say that I LOVE THIS MAN. surely will look at your suggestions.

@razze please inform the community, next time you see such a thing. Thank you.

It seems like your first link is an outdated version of your second link.

That said, Richard is always a great recommendation.

If you’re a student/still have an active student email, you can get access to the GitHub student developer pack, which grants you access to the Front End Masters course for free.


Yes, I am. Thank you very much!

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