Support for HTML in Elm-reactor markdown

Hello folks,

I’ve created two years age a 3h-long workshop to teach Elm 0.18 and I’m updating it to be in 0.19. This is currently in french, but I’ll be happy to share it when the translation will be done (really soon as I need it to be ready for Devoxx UK :slight_smile: )

One thing I relied heavily in 0.18 is elm-reactor, as it allows students to have a running dev environment really quickly without needing to install anything else than Elm. For example, I don’t want to presume they already have node installed or anything else.

The instructions for each step of the workshop are in README files, and it’s really convenient because elm-reactor displays them nicely. However, since 0.19, the HTML in markdown is sanitized. It was really convenient though to have well-sized images and to have a little bit more display options.

This is due to the new version of the markdown packages that now sanitizes it by default. Would it be possible to deactivate sanitization for elm-reactor?

Here is the line that would need to be changed:

Happy to hear about your opinion on this :slight_smile:

You could fork the compiler, change the line yourself, build it and use it for that specific case that you have.

For small use cases like this I don’t see any problem.

The problem is that it would need them to install from my binary and I can’t be sure they will, no matter how much instructions I give them, because they will surely install it beforehand.

In fact, I created this post because I’m not sure whether the change was voluntary for elm-reactor or whether it was just the hidden consequence of the new version of the markdown module.

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