Point out Elm material for beginners in programming

I’ve got quite a few friends and nephews comfortable in html/css, whom I want to introduce to programming through Elm.

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I think pointing them to the elm guide: https://guide.elm-lang.org/ would be great! From my humble perspective is it one of the best onboarding experiences I’ve seen out there. Maybe it does assume that people have done some level of programming before though.

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Nah… altho I found it quite useful in the beginning, it starts with ints and floats and conditional statements…

As a language for the web, I’m imagining a course where someone comfortable with html/css would be guided through converting the html to elm, and then abstracting the subcomponents of the view, and then some state introduction for the things that change, and only after all that, intro to communication to the outside world.

I believe that for beginners, each step should touch base with reality. In other words, they should never think: “What’s this for?”

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