Text editor with Elm and project-open-files support?

Does anyone know of a text editor which has both Elm syntax highlighting, and also Project support where it remembers opened files when I open project, but otherwise does not remember opened files?

I’ve been testing some editors but havn’t found one yet:

  • Atom - can’t save projects at all
  • Sublime Text - can’t be setup so that opened files are remembered for project, but not otherwise
  • Emacs - too slow
  • Vim - too strange

ps. My usual editor is Geany which does have the features I want, except no Elm support.

You can have a look at Visual Studio Code. I think it could work for your use case


Thanks, I hadn’t realized that it’s a different product from Visual Studio and also works in Linux.

Having now used Visual Studio Code a bit, I noticed that it can’t save opened files to projects at all, and is also a bit buggy.

oh well, perhaps I just need to try add Elm support to Geany, if it’s the only editor which has the features I want.

I open visual studio code by navigating to my project folder with cd dev/whatever/ and running code . in that folder. This way vscode does remember the open files.

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Yes, opened files are remembered, but that information is not saved to actual project-file (projectname.code-workspace). Instead the opened files are saved to storage.json in users config-directory (~/.config/Code for Linux).

This is just not acceptable as those settings can’t be backuped along with the rest of the project.

This is just not acceptable as those settings can’t be backuped along with the rest of the project.

Oh, I see. I did not think of that usecase.

Atom does have various project management plugins (e.g. project-manager or project-plus) and combined with its generally excellent elm plugins maybe gives you what you want.

Thanks, it’s quite difficult to figure out all the capabilities in these extensible editors.

I’m currently testing Sublime Text again as I found a sort-of workaround:
SublimeText hot exit for projects only

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