Tools for the legal team

Someone in Elm Slack the other day asked about tooling for collecting the licenses of all your Elm dependencies. I couldn’t find one so I built elm-license-finder! If you’re using it from the command line then you’ll get a nice print out like so:

It can also be used as a node module so you can use the data as you please.

If you find any bugs or have any feature/change requests, please let me know here or create a GitHub issues.


Nice work. Not a tool that is needed often, but extremely handy for the times when it is needed, thank you for doing this.


This could be handy to discuss with the people over at Fossa. It’d be great to have Elm better integrated with their license search.

Thank you for the suggestions. I’ve messaged FOSSA on twitter and will let you know if anything comes of it.

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