Elm Catalog now lists tools in addition to packages

The Elm ecosystem has quite a lot of tools, but sometimes it just doesn’t occur to me to search for a tool that already exists and would make my life easier, or I don’t know the right combination of terms to search for.

Judging from tool-related questions here and on Reddit, I’m not the only one with this issue, and there’s a bit of a visibility problem for Elm tools, so I added a tool section to the Elm Package Catalog (which has now turned into Elm Catalog).

At the time I’m writing this, in addition to 779 categorised Elm packages, the Elm Catalog now lists 40 Elm tools in different categories. I hope you find it useful!

There are probably more tools that I missed. If you know of a tool that should be included, please let me know.


I don’t see https://www.markuslaire.com/github/elm-dependencies-analyzer/ listed. It’s a useful tool for resolving package dependency conflicts. Also can tools be included in multiple categories? I would have expected create-elm-app to appear in the build tools category, not just code generation

Sure, I’ve added create-elm-app to the Build tools category. I thought elm-dependencies-analyzer is pretty much superseded by elm-json and so didn’t add it. Do you think it’s still useful?

elm-json doesn’t seem to list package conflicts (though it helps avoid them) or let the user preview if certain package versions conflict with each other? To me it seems like the feature set in elm-json and elm-dependencies-analyzer complement each other.

I think it’s very easy to miss, navigation wise.

In fact I did miss it earlier today when I saw you announce it on slack clicked through only to find the “old” stuff. I guess the partly broken mobile UI was to blame for that.



  • It would nice to be able to link to tools directly (without explaining that the tools tab must be clicked)
  • There is already a Tools section in packages, which is a little confusing (I clicked it first)

Thanks for your work!

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Thanks, I’m adding elm-dependcies-analyzer.

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Thanks for the feedback @dmy and @razze, I’m going to put mobile support and navigation on my todo list.

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