a new way to get indie software funded


Hi there, my name is Tommy and I am working on making the experience of getting your open source projects funded via subscription. I am using Stripe for payments with GitHub oauth. Please feel free to take a look at or take a look at the elm frontend at I am looking for some feedback and the opportunity to make you the open source developer have a wayyy better experience getting funding for your client tools, packages, plugins, projects, etc!

Thank you!



It’s nice to see elm growing, and helping the open source community grow with it. Out of curiosity, what are the main differences between services like for example Patreon, open collective, and TossBounty?


Hello Matt,

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to take a look at TossBounty. I would say the difference between TossBounty and Patreon is that TossBounty strives to be more developer centric. Open Collective really has a great thing going and I love the fact that they are pushing transparency (through the display of a specific project’s expenses) and have a thriving community. The one little niche I want to fill is making it easier for a developer to take their work done on their repo and display in a marketable fashion for other devs to see. I also eventually want to partner with companies to offer branded (for the specific project) swag and other rewards to the devs campaigning for their projects. TLDR I really want to dig deep and cater to the dev



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