Tour-de-force: making tiddlywiki like personal wiki

Is there any personal wiki in Elm like Tiddlywiki? Would it be difficult to create? Can someone points me out how to create that? I’m basically a user but I have some programming skills in javascript and html but I think creating this clone is beyond my scope.

I would like something like it but writing tiddlers [wiki pages] in markdown (I know you have markdown parser built-in) and storing pages in JSON file.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Xavier, I’d love to hear more about what you’re hoping to get out of the project. Are you planning to use this project to learn Elm?

I haven’t come across anyone else mimicking this particular site in Elm, but I think it’d be a good first Elm app. I’d encourage you to work through the official guide if you haven’t already. It’s got a couple references to JavaScript, so you should feel quite comfortable!


Thanks, Kofi, for answering.
mmm… I think it’s a little far away from my knowledge. I prayed if someone else would want to port this software to demostrate that Elm is capable of doing it and better than in javascript.


Here’s the thing: if you’re a user, why do you care what language the software is written in, as long as it suits your purpose? And if you’re a developer, you just need to build something nice to get a feel for the language. No need to “prove” anything. We don’t walk around with chips on our shoulders here and IMO that makes things much nicer. :smile:

So, that said… even if you don’t feel that your skills are up to par, go for it! We’re here and on Slack to help get you unstuck from the tricky parts. One nice thing about Elm is that even if you begin poorly it’s easy to refactor later, since the compiler will help catch mistakes. So the best way to learn here is to do!


You might want to have a look at Laverna which is open source apparently. I’m not a user of this kind of note taking app, but this looks a lot like what you are looking for. If you are more into learning Elm, it can still give you a reference for what you might try to create.

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