Tutorials or Resources to learn Elm

After a decent time investment to have satisfying understanding of Elm’s philosophy and it’s ups and downs, I’ve decided to continue learning Elm and add this skill set.

I’ve have good experience in implementing back-end services using functional Java Script, Java or C++.
I’ve given a try to Angular.js but quit after my initial analysis as I found that refactoring in Angular is difficult.
I’ve already gone through the Elm-lang guide provided in the Elm’s official website.

That’s said, would you be able to throw some references or resources where I can start learning Elm-lang.




Thank you very much for your recommendations.

This is the list I always give people:


I recommend starting with text resources to gain a conceptual understanding, then move to practical examples, try Ellie, try local. Try the different command line tools (elm format, elm make, elm reactor…) Then watch some tutorial videos for review. Then watch some keynotes / talks for broader context.

Then rinse and repeat.

If you would like to join my learning pathway and earn a badge for every concept you learn, let me know :slight_smile:

https://pathways.badgr.io/public/pathway/5ada575fbe9f4f57b31d16a9/element/5ab95ea4c9494868ac2932b6 (Under construction)


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