Elm for someone weak in HTML/CSS

I’m going through Elm in Action to learn Elm, and I seem to be the opposite of the anticipated reader: my HTML is pretty rusty, I have no experience with CSS or JavaScript, but I’m comfortable with purely functional programming, having written one large project and several smaller ones in Haskell. My goal in learning Elm is to be able to create some simple one-page web apps as well as a simple UI for a more involved web app with a back-end accessed via a REST API.

So what’s the most efficient way to freshen up my HTML and come up to speed on CSS, given that I only intend to be using these in the context of Elm apps? Are there good tutorials from the perspective of an Elm programmer? I’d like to avoid spending a lot of time in the weeds on topics I won’t really need.

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css-tricks.com is generally a good source for the content you seek and has a reasonably recent beginner series for html and css. They also have a landing page where to learn html and css in 2019.

Happy problem solving!

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Hello and welcome!

Another option is to check out elm-ui which is a much simpler layout language to learn compared to html and css.

Join us on the #elm-ui slack channel if you want help getting started. Questions are usually answered pretty quickly.


Welcome Kevin!

After you got fundamental concepts of CSS and HTML, you can convert your HTML to Elm here
I am pretty sure that after doing three or four examples you will have no problems how to do HTML in Elm.

Thanks, this looks like a really good way to get up and running fast.

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